Can you believe that there is meat glued with a special chemical that glues meat leftovers into a whole big chunk of meat?

Naturally we are made to eat meat and vegetables. The nature has provided us with everything. The problem is that humans the past decade or a bit before have learned bad ways to produce food. Nothing is as it should be. Nothing tastes good or if it does it is because of the many spices and chemicals added to the food.


We are witnessing a frightening period of our history. We are eating “EMPTY” food. Every day there are news on the bad fish, bad lamb, bad cow meat, poisoned fish, silicone filled chicken, there is no end to this misery.

By EMPTY food I mean there is Nothing Nutritious in it, there is more harm than good!

In the name of ” Progress” hurt us more than any campaign whatsoever in our history. In order to prosper and produce triple the amount of meat, our farmers have fed the animals with everything but grass. The livestock are animals that are grass fed , Not Meat eating . It is a big mistake to feed them with pulverized dead animals! That food brings disease like the mad cow disease and many others.

Therefore we find a frightening amount of antibiotics and hormones for fast growth in the meat.

The cattle are being kept in closed farms for easy keeping instead of letting them graze grass freely in the fields. We should be happy if they are fed soy or corn…

Our livestock is legally being fed with euthanized dogs and cats, horses, plastic wrappers, sawdust and pulverized bones from dead cows or other live stock.

It is already too late by the time we set our tables, only God knows and those that sell it, what we are really eating.

The worst problem is how they are slaughtered! Instead of keeping them head down, they keep them lying down and later put them upside down as they should have done before. The blood of the animal should immediately drain and never stay in the body .

The meat producing industry is to blame for the modern diseases. Never in our history have the people and even children been ill from autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer, autism , deformities and other conditions not typical for the young.

While the government is blind the people should take legal actions.

The Empty Food That We Are Eating Nowadays

The news are full of information on our poor diet, deficient in everything from Essentially Fatty Acids to vitamins, enzymes and minerals. We are given statistics and data on the modern disease and all that leads to one source of the problem, The Food Industry!

It is evil to think on money and only money, while children are born with tumors and cancer. Note! , born with these malignant diseases. You see we can’t only think on pollution, this can be stopped Wright now at this moment if the ones on charge take it seriously.

Constantly we are suggested to go vegan, that is because it is evident how bad the meat has become. But no, we do not have to quit meat if it is produced properly. It has its good side too, by all means.

It is not only the cattle, there are the chicken, the fish, the lamb, the milk, the eggs …Nothing really is left healthy to eat. This is threatening to be the end of human existence!

The deficiency in us of EFA’s , according to Harvard School of Public Health , causes more than 100.000 deaths per year.


Go to the village personally and socialize with farmers. See how they feed their livestock and poultry and what chemicals they use on the vegetables. Buy only from local farmers that you know and trust.

If you can’t do any of this, then you do not really try the best for you or your family, because what we are is what we eat!

Buy only grass fed beef or bison . Bison is lower in calorie and fat.

Now Some Words On The Salmon

Even though labeled ” Wild ” Salmon, it really isn’t! You have to catch it yourself to have one!

Natural live wild salmon is very rich in essential omega 3-s and nutritious.

The New York Times revealed that most salmon labeled as wild, are actually farm raised. They never taste like the really wild salmon and the color is pink. The real natural salmon flesh is Gray!

If eating krill, it takes a pink color. Farm raised salmon has pink color because it is fed synthesized astaxanthin – which is only the carotineoid from the krill that makes them take pink color.


Probably the only way out for now is to find trusted farmers or be a farmer yourself!?

Source: http://thespiritscience.net

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