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Why are People With Blood Type 0 So Special?

The people’s prehistoric original type of blood was the blood type 0. Ever since , it’s in these kind of people’s characters to be decisive, fast ,powerful and even aggressive. This makes them stay focused, on charge and energetic and that’s why they are usually in the positions of leaders. As productive as these people are they also have a downside in their health problems. Blood type O people are prone to thyroid gland dysfunction, digestive issues and other conditions mentioned below.

When stressed out, because of their hyper sensitivity these people suffer unpleasant metabolic effects such as insulin resistance, weight gain, poor activity of the thyroid gland and other difficulties related to these already mentioned health issues.

In order to avoid such problems, these kind of people should seriously consider relaxation. It is in their blood to be happy and positive.

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Why are they so different?

Our blood type really tells a lot about us. In Japan they might even ask you about your blood type. It is a basic information for your character and predisposition for certain health issues.

For example, because they are very logical, responsible, devoted, serious, committed, conscientious and very organized, they get stressed a lot so they have high acidity in their stomach and high adrenaline. This gives them gastritis, ulcers and bad digestion.

Another common problem is lack of Iodine, who is an essential element in regulation of thyroid hormones. Low production of thyroid hormones is what gives them fatigue, fluid retention, obesity and depression.

All the hard work and hyperactivity causes stress and negative energy. Blood O type of people tend to go extreme with everything and  that makes them gamble, drink alcohol, live on the edge and be on high adrenaline most of the time needing excitement and choosing risky jobs.

Now, what should they do to prevent further stimulation to their already impulsive nature?

It is advised to start with avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol, choosing a favorite activity that relaxes and relieves them  from that negatively charged energy. It is essential to include physical activity because of the positive effect it has on the whole body. Blood type O people should exercise four times a week. It will help maintain emotional stability more than anything.

Tips for blood O type of people

Take it easy. The lifestyle changes should be introduced step by step. Make long term and short term plans so that you know what to do ahead of time and prevent emotional problems. Never spend money when under stress or make decisions when feeling so.

Love yourself and again…take it easy!



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