You have a cold? Then tonight, do the following trick with wet socks, and you will be healed!

With cold weather coming cold and flu, but instead immediately run to the doctor and to drink medicines, there are simple ways themselves to fight with disease.

Most doctors will tell you that you should rest and drink a lot fluids, but there is a trick that you can do themselves at home and thus to fight with colds and to heal quickly.

Did you know that sleep with wet socks can help you for colds?

Although it might not sound so good, wearing wet socks in bed helps with symptoms of colds and flu.

wet socks

Believe it or not, this moist strategy can help you to relieve symptoms of fever so that blood again will circulate the legs, which will dramatically increase the circulation and blood.

How to do it

Warm feet in warm water, then immerse thin socks in cold water, drain and clothe just before going to sleep. Then put dry wool socks by moistening.

Wet socks in the morning should be dry and hot, and you will feel much better

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