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Don’t Enjoy Your Flavored E- Cigarettes ! They May Cause “Pop Corn Lungs”

Quitting smoking is very important but how? Certainly not by having flavored E- Cigarettes! Do you know that your favorite flavor can cause the so called “ Pop Corn” lungs?

To answer what “Pop Corn” lungs means I will show you what causes them and how hard it is to treat them.
In the USA and the rest of the world there are thousands of different E- cigarettes and flavorings of many kinds, most popular are candy, fruit and cocktail. They do not release smoke and are better than common cigarettes, it is said that they are “95 %” less hazardous than tobacco but little do we know about the yummy flavoring. What kind of chemicals are they that smell so nice yet cause such a problem in the lungs when combined with the other compounds…


This week there was a report released by the Environmental Health Perspectives that published the findings that the chemical diacetyl found in the E- cigarettes is found in food products . This research was conducted after many factory workers got seriously ill with respiratory problems. They developed bronchiolitis obliterans which causes hard breathing, coughing and asthma.

Namely the workers were employed in a microwave popcorn processing plant and were exposed to dust and vapors that got released from the heated tanks that mix the oil, corn and the flavoring. The harmful effect of the flavoring chemicals were found out before in a research conducted in the early years of the last decade when many respiratory issues evolved from flavored food products .

There has been little research done on the side effects of the E- cigarette and its flavoring ingredients. In 2013 around $3 billion were spent on this product in U.S.A. only. The focus in the research for possible side effects was only on the nicotine exposure and the indirect nicotine exposure.

A Harvard Team of experts decided to analyze the fumes released from 51 different E- Cigarettes. Not only Diacetyl but also 2.3 Pentanedione was found in the fumes. These two and other chemicals are the ones that enable the flavoring in food such as caramel, butterscotch, pina colada, and strawberry. The cartridges are named Cookie, Fruit Squirts, Watermelon, Candy, Double Apple Hookah, Blue Water Punch, Oatmeal Cookie, and Alien Blood.
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