Find out instantly whether you have colon cancer with the help of yogurt

Scientists from the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts came to a simple method for detecting colon cancer and only with yogurt and urine test. Professor Sanguine Baptiste managed to develop molecules that act as biomarkers for finding cancer cells.

If you consume these molecules with yogurt they will found path to the cancer cell where the enzymes act like fingers on small particles and they are thrown out from the body with urine

All you need to do is to take a small piece of paper and collect the particles.
Before, these molecules for the detection of cancer was brought by injection, and with the new method, it is necessary to mix with yogurt.

colon cancer

The study was done on laboratory mice and in human clinical trials, this method proved simple and inexpensive detection of this disease.

According to the American Association for Cancer (ACS), only 40% of people have early diagnosis of the disease, due to fragmented studies

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