Four guys die in a car accident, and when other people opened the car trunk …They fallen in shock!!

Four drunk boys died in a car accident on the way to a disco. The boys traveled with the car of one of them.

On exit from house, Grandma of one of the boys told them, “I wish you a safe journey my kids, let God be with you.” The boys began to laugh and said, “Unfortunately, Grandma, there is no place in the car for him, if you say we will put him in the trunk.”

Minutes later the car crashed into the roadside fence with overspeed and all boys dies on the spot. The car was crushed until unrecognizable. When the relatives and police opened the trunk of the car, they fallen in shock

Four guys die in a car accident

In the trunk of the car crushed, had table¬†with eggs and ………… neither of them was not broken.

Tale or a real case is not clearly,the fact is, that reading is an instructive, remember it.

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