Personally tested! A Magic Recipe With Geranium for a Severe Cough,Which Acts Really in Minutes!

Here is a highly efficient recipe that will save you from a strong cough, literally for hours!

Some of us had recently a problems with severe cough, but fortunately, with the following recipe quickly we can dealt with it! Subsequently, we found a specialist which said, that this recipe is even described in the textbooks of pulmonology, so conventional medicine also recommends it! Try, if you have a problem and you will not regret!

Here is the recipe.

In 500 ml ( 2 cup) boiling water add 3 leaves of geranium and three broken shell of a walnut.
Lastly add 3 tablespoons of basil. Mixture allow it to heat for 5 minutes, then leave the mixture to stand for 20 minutes.

feel healthy lifeThen strain and divide into three equal parts, which you need to drink during the day.
This recipe is for one dose per day.

The recipe works immediately and gives very good results!

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