Quit With The Consummation Of Tilapia Right Now Before It’s Too Late!

Tilapia, Tilapia…
Times have come to say that eating fish is wrong… All the stories about light food, omega 3, nutrients and so on came to a point of no return. How is it possible one might ask that fish can be bad.

Well there is such fish as farm raised fish fed with manmade mixed foods, antibiotics, chemicals and kept in fish tanks.

Namely this Tilapia has not swam in wild waters, has not eaten algae and fish and has not survived fish diseases naturally.

People buy Tilapia because of the mild taste, no bones and skin and Very cheap prices.

Because we are what we eat, fish are too. Their food ends up in our bodies and cause inflammation in our guts, joints and generally cause illness instead of helping cure one.

There are other potentially hazardous fish in the market, but for now keep away from Tilapia!

Source: www.davidwolfe.com
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