She Put A Green Tea Bag On Her Lips. You’ll Be Amazed When You See The Reason.

There are thousands of tricks that help us in the battle to stay a beautiful. But those in the video are really original.

Your armpits are dark? Brighten them with potato.

You have a chapped lips? A tea bag will do the trick,while the eyeshadow you can put in less than a second!

Potatoes are used for lightening, because of its low acidity. Put under your underarms a circle potato and wait until it dries completely. Then simply rinse with lukewarm water. And again repeat, when you decide to make a perfect score. The potatoes very rarely irritate the skin and because of this are the perfect tool for this purpose.

tea bags

All tricks from the video using the products that we have at home, instead of expensive products, which often not bring the result, which they promise

Surely in the video you will love at least one trick for beautification.

For further watch the video below and enjoy

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