The Most Effective Homemade Peeling From Sugar And Salt Against Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Find out about the most effective and cheapest possible home made peeling scrub ever! It is a three ingredient mix that has been staying in your kitchen for months.

By peeling scrub we mean abrasive material that brushes off the dry skin and with it the dead skin cells. This is best to start with because it makes the skin ready to absorb the following care. Scrubbing makes the blood circulation more active and by this it nourishes the cells with more oxygen and nutrients. The skin becomes smoother and elastic. The stretch marks and the cellulite can be reduced if this peeling scrub is used regularly.


The ingredients and the procedure

– 250 g of salt
– 250 g sugar
– 100-150 ml of palm oil ( optional) any good vegetable oil is ok

Sea salt is best because of the microelements and the iodine it contains.

Use common sugar, there is no need for brown sugar.

Mix the ingredients well for some time and let it rest. Mix again until it is thick as a gel. Be persistent.

Use this wonderful mix before you shower.  Rub on the problem area and rinse with warm water. After the shower apply any moisturizer. Use this stretch marks remover regularly for a month . Do not stop! Go on and in the period of three months your stretch marks will significantly reduce. If you want you can make a before and after photo for your own progress achievement.

You will be proud of your velvety skin!

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