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This Is the Reason Why You Need To Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

The oldest way to relieve pain and stress is by all means the Massage therapy. Massage is not luxury, it is a basic need for everyone. These days even children are stressed out, not to mention adults. There are so many different massaging techniques and therapeutic oils that promise significant results in curing many health conditions related to the body and the mind.

By massaging you help the blood circulation and by doing so it is clear that all parts of the body all the way to the cells get oxygen and nutrition.

It is amazing how by only putting pressure or massaging the proper spots lead to instant relief. Be it on the foot or on the palms or on the body and the face, reflexology has proven to treat discomfort fast.

massage foot

The accent here is on the importance of Foot Massage before bed time.

The feet are full of nerve endings that if pressed and massaged properly, can relieve tension to such a point that a person can experience a complete change of the situation. The foot is linked to all parts of the body. For example if you massage the thumb, it helps the lungs and the brain. The other three toes help treat toothache. The pinky toe is linked to the ear, so it is advised to massage it when having ear ache.

Rubbing children’s feet before sleep has always worked to make them sleep easier and stop their crying.
Treat yourself nicely and massage your feet before bed time.
It is always best when someone does it for you

For a better understanding please look at the picture above

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