9-year old girl permanently scarred after acid leaked from her iPhone case’

Nowadays, and the children have their own mobile phones. And while they can be extremely useful, however, they also have a bad sides. Many may not have invented their potential harmfulness.

Olivia Retter is a 9-year old girl who lives with her family in Hertfordshire, England. Like many of her peers,Olivia has a mobile phone, but one night, when she fallen asleep over it, she did not expect, that the next day will be so shocking when she saw the scar at her feet.

“She woke up in the middle of the night and came into my room and said her leg was hurt – I just thought she was dreaming a bad dream and sent her back to bed.” said Olivia’s mother. There’s a lesson to be learned, and that is that we all must be careful when we give children cell phones. Here’s why:


As it turned out, the mask for the mobile phone is the main culprit. The doctor confirmed that it was a chemical reaction caused by the mask. He managed to calm redness from burns, but unfortunately the girl be scarred for life in the shape of a mask for a mobile phone.

Her mother, Karly, drew attention to parents on Facebook to take account when purchasing a shiny masks which containing sequins to their children.

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