All we keep it in the fridge, and we do not know, cure colds and flu only for 3 hours. It is a sin if you do not try!

Temperature changes, but also the advent of winter are constantly causing colds and viral infections.

So, if you want to protect yourself or you already have a cold, this natural remedy could cure you from a flu and cold only for a few hours.

The study, published in the journal “Journal of Nutrition” concluded that you can get rid of a cold only for a few hours with the help of garlic.

It is, the consumption of food with 5 grams garlic, during the disease, exclusively for 3 hours activates genes, involved in the production of white blood cells that enhance the human immune system.

cold and flu

The survey results revealed that respondents with a cold, which have consumed garlic lasted much shorter than in those which are not consumed.

Scientists argue, that garlic is rich in selenium and vitamin C, and this is the secret of rapid treatment.

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