Get Rid from the back pain and disc disease with this recipe from the famous professor Mermerski

One of the most common diseases of the locomotor system is a slipped disc. This is because it appears at the load, injury or twisting of the spine.

Squeezing a nerve from the vertebrae of the spine or the so-called crack leads to immobility and pain. To help in such cases, you can apply one of the following recipes of Prof.. Mermerski:

Recipe 1:

Grate 1 head red onion and 1 potato (medium-sized). Mix them together with one hip salt. Apply the mixture on a piece of cotton cloth and put it on the painful area. Stay with the pack all night. Repeat this procedure three days in a row.

back pain mermerski

Recipe 2:

Sprinkle 2 slices of bread with baking soda and soak them in vinegar. Place them on the affected area in the spinal cord and remain so for several hours. Not long after discopathies will relax you.

Recipe 3:

Pour 1 tablespoon of camphor powder in a dry baby jar. Replenish it to the brim with alcohol or strong brandy. Then rub a long time resulting solution on the back and the painful parts of the spine.

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