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Run Away As From The Devil From These Six Foods!

After having over than 20 years was engaged with lawsuits related to food poisoning, Bill Marlar has compiled a list of foods, which you should not eat them, An expert on food poisoning currently involved in a the court case against the food chain “Chipotle Mexican Grill” for infection with Escherichia coli and norovirus, has won over 600 million dollars for its clients since 1993, writes CNBC. In an article in Food Poisoning Journal, Marlar reveals six foods that are excluded from a menu.

1. Raw sprouts

Sprouts, cooked or lightly cooked, are associated with more than 30 cases of mass poisoning from bacterial the middle of the 90s, according to Marlar. In 2014, bean sprouts sent 19 people to hospital with salmonella. “There are too many poisoning, not paying attention to the risk of infection from germs,” Marlar said. “These are products that do not eat at all.” See more “healthy” habits of which is better to stop them.

been sprouts

2. Pre-washed and chopped fruit and vegetables

“Avoid them like the plague,” advises Marlar. He buys unwashed, uncut fruits and vegetables and eat them within a few days after buying them to avoid the risk of listeriosis, as the bacterium Listeria can grow even at refrigeration temperature. “We used so the convenience of mass-produced foods – packaged salads, salad boxes and pre-cut anything,” Marlar said.. “This is a great convenience, but sometimes I think it’s just not worth the risk.”

3. Undercooked meat

Undercooked meat can bring Escherichia coli, salmonella and bacterial diseases and therefore should be cooking well, says Marker. For this reason, the expert in food poisoning ordered their burgers well toasted. “The reason for this with ground meat products are more problematic and should prepare better, because bacteria, that are on the surface of meat, minced may enter again “, Marlar said.

4. Unpasteurized milk and juices

In 1996 Marlar represented several children who develop hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) from unpasteurized apple juice of the company Odwalla. This is a complication due to infection with Escherichia coli, which can lead to renal failure. The company was convicted in 1998 and paid 1.5 million dollar and 12 million dollars to victims in 2000. “There are not enough great benefit for which it is worth risking drinking products that can be made safer through pasteurization,” Marlar said.

5. Raw shrimps

“Shrimps feed by filtering the water,” he explains. “If in the water there are bacteria , they come to them, but if you eat raw shrimps, you may have problems. I have seen many more such cases in the last five years than in the last 20 years. Just not worth the risk.” See also: Seven foods that fight inflammation and abdominal fat.

6. Raw eggs

The risk of salmonella poisoning from eggs has decreased during the past 20 years, but Marlar still loves to eat eggs well cooked. In 2010, at US was almost 2 000 cases of salmonella infection from eggs.

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