This increases the risk of cancer 22 times, but is the greatest pleasure!

HPV is a virus of many types, and some of them cause cancer. It is generally believed that cancer of the neck or the head is caused by an smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

However,for scientists is not became clear how a cancer that is usually associated with uterine cancer,becomes throat cancer .

The similarity is here, but the method was not clear.

Oral sex is the main culprit for the transmission of HPV virus infection of the throat and stomach.

People who suffer from HPV have even 32 times greater chance of suffering from cancer, or if the virus is found in the throat, the chance to get a tumor is even 22 times higher than usual.

cancer woman in the bed

HPV is greater culprit for throat cancer than alcohol and cigarettes.

Almost everyone at some point in their lives will get HPV, those with low immunity are susceptible. However, in rare situations the virus strengthens and causes cervical cancer, penis, anus, vagina or mouth.

Throat cancer was twice more often in men than in women. Most common in heterosexual men through 40 and 50 years. The risk is to have sex with a woman, rather than with a man.

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