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Tree of death – even just to touch it, will die in horrible agony …

“Mancinella” for years is threatened tree, but will be threatened and all those who touch it or try fruit.

In Latin America it is known as the “tree of death.” “Hippomane mancinella” is a kind of plant in the spurge family and grows in tropical America everything from Florida through the Caribbean and Central America to South America.

If ever encounter “Mancinella”, are likely on the stem to be presented the warning signs – do not touch the tree, don’t eat the fruit and not stand under it when it rains. These warnings are there for a reason, bacause of the fact that this tree for years now is in a Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous tree of the world, writes portal “Science Alert”.


The most dangerous is the consumption of fruit.

Namely, they look like small apples, so that the Spanish colonists called them “little apple of death.” The consumption of these fruits can cause choking, and if you sprinkled their juice, the skin will appear burns.

According to the Florida Institute of Food Science and agriculturally, each part of the “Manchinelata” is a toxic and dangerous to touch and be consumed. Not only that, each part of this tree can be fatal to humans. For example, if you stand under it while it is rains, you can expect burns and fruit juice can damage even the color of the cars.
Those, who are in contact with the juice of its fruit testify unbearable headaches, breathing problems, even painful and permanent blindness. Studies have shown that the juice even promote the growth and spread of cancer cells.

For this reason it is not recommended nor cutting of trees,but and their ignition because even the smoke is toxic. Probably the most famous victim of this tree is Juan Ponce de Leon, the man who led the first European expedition to Florida in 1513. Namely therein came across of resistance from locals and was hit with an arrow dipped in juice “Manchinela.” With its troops withdrew in Cuba and died there.

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