With This Recipe Your Teeth Will Be So White, So When You Smile, Others Will Be Blinded!

Take half a cup of boiled and cooled water and then add a tablespoon of salt in it. The mixture was stirred until the salt dissolved.

Soak your toothbrush in the salt solution and rinse your teeth as you normally would.
Use this recipe every morning and evening, especially after meals.

The main disadvantage of this recipe is that it feels uncomfortable at first. Fortunately, the sensitivity lasts briefly and is completely acceptable.


Salt water is useful for the following reasons:

Strengthens the tooth enamel
Destroys all pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity
Fixes cracks in the teeth.

Also, salt water is used as a mouthwash in many regions around the world for a very long time. Besides destroying bacteria in the cavity of the mouth, salty water helps in an exemption and loosening the accumulated food between teeth. If you use it regularly, you will notice, that it is extremely effective.

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