Eaten by 13 saucers of oatmeal a day for three years: Here is How He Looks Now!

Philip Patrick, 19, had a healthy diet, until he left home three years ago and created the bad habits – eaten by 13 saucers of oatmeal a day with amazing 138 spoons of sugar.

Philip, which approximately eaten about 14 235 saucers for 3 years, 6 packs of oatmeal and 15 liters of milk a week and 5 kg of sugar every 9 days. All this he combined with regular cups of tea with 6 tablespoons sugar.

His weight increased by 25 kilograms over the last three years. Now he is the father of one child and Philip asks for help to beat addiction because experts warn that this lifestyle can cause cancer or heart disease.


“I have to get my life back – I can not die like this”, he said. “It also affects my life.

And on my sexual life – was once a regular but is now rare. Sophie (his wife) did not tolerate me, because when I go out to dinner, I ordered dessert and finish about 3 minutes. ”

“I have often relaxed personality and when I have oatmeal and sugar I’m very happy,” he said.

“However, when I am among the dishes or can not get them, I can be very nervous. I need help to get my life back.”

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