Honey and walnuts to treat high blood pressure and stomach ulcers

These are a few recipes for several medical homemade product whose main ingredients are just walnuts and honey. A more-tasty medicine you’ve never tried, believe me.

Recipe for anemia

In half of kilogram (1.5 cups) of honey, placed half a kilo of ground walnuts and juice of one lemon.

Stir and taken three times a day for one tablespoon.

Recipe for high blood pressure:

To normalize blood pressure by natural processes, take daily per 100 grams (3.52 oz.) walnuts and the same amount of honey for 45 days.

honey and walnuts

Recipe for stomach ulcers

The milk of walnut is the true salvation. You can prepare it in a very easy way. Finely ground nuts are mixed with hot water in a blender until you obtain the dairy mixture. To the milk, obtained in this way add two tablespoons of honey and drink 2-3 tablespoons before each meal.

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