If someone close have a heart attack, immediately do the following, to get him back from the death!

Every year thousands of people die from a heart attack. It is the reason for the high mortality rates in the world.

The reasons for getting heart attack are many and this is one of the scourges of humanity.

In this article you will find out how fast to help someone who has received heart attack.
In quick response, can save his life.

According to Dr. John Christopher has only one move that could save the life of a man who had a heart attack. According to him enough at any time to have a hot pepper in your home.
A man who survived a heart attack and is conscious should quickly give him a glass of water in which dissolved a teaspoon of pepper.

heart attack

And if the person is unconscious under his tongue drip a few drops of extract from chilli peppers.

According to Dr. Christopher with this simple method in just a few seconds the victim will illuminate and begin to return to normal.

This method will surely saved his life

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