McDonald’s New Kale Salad Has More Calories Than a Big Mac

One of the new salad that has become a trend has almost 200 more calories than a Big Mac

McDonald’s new “healthy” kale salad has more calories than fast food chains signature sandwich.

New salad published in Canada, “Keep Calm, Caesar On” has a higher content of calories than a Big Mac – 730 calories to 540 calories.

Last year McDonald announced that it will add the kale salad on their menu. Leafy green vegetables has become the latest trendy superfood because it is full of vitamins.


A report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recommended when people eat in McDonald to try the other option kale salad, “I am a Greek-ing Out”, which has 420 calories. CBC also suggest removal of some of the supplements-like feta cheese and using only half of the provided dress.

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