One Drop Of This Oil, End With a problematic heels ! See yet how much problems solve !

Coconut oil is very useful, by reason of which often lies in the composition of a great many cosmetic products. Although some use these products without being aware, that sufficiently is only a drop of coconut oil and their problems is over.

Everything is done for marketing, but actually as simple and cheap.

Most importantly for coconut oil is to use it in small doses and it will be very useful.

1. In cotton put the coconut oil and wipe your face to remove makeup. The results you’ll love.

2. Apply a drop of coconut oil on the tips of the hair to protect them from grease.


3. Every evening, apply to your eyelashes, one drop of coconut oil, and will become much more dense.

4. Nice spread your feet and lie down, and the next day the skin will be smooth.

5. Make a lip balm with 4 g of coconut oil, 4 g of jojoba oil and 2 g of wax.

6. Apply the buds with a drop of coconut oil and will quickly disappear

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