You should know about this recipe … Confessions of a one woman, who solved a big problem! Vaginal infection, successfully treated with GARLIC


“After visiting the gynecologist and taking the treatment that was given to me, my situation improved. Only a month after, unfortunately that horrible discomfort came back and in a worse form.” – says a patient for whom  going to the gynecologist’s,  is a problem, where she comes from.

” After talking to a woman that has had the same problem after giving birth, I  decided to try her remedy”. As weird as it is it sounds it helped a lot”.

It is a one  ingredient remedy and completely natural. it is garlic!

garlic clove for vaginal infection

This is what you need and  how to use the remedy:

1 – a garlic clove

2 – a needle

3 – a thread

First peel off the garlic clove and go through it with the needle and the thread in such a way that you must make sure the needle and the thread have gone through the center and around the garlic in order to fasten it well and not let it separate from the thread. it should look like a tampon.

You should let enough threat to be able to take out the garlic clove after usage. It means enough of thread to tighten the garlic clove and fasten it and let some out to be able to pull out the garlic clove, again like a tampon.

Place it in the vagina, not too deep and keep as much as you can tolerate, maximum 6 hours up to 8 if you can. If there is any discomfort in the beginning keep it for less time.

Replace it with another after using it.  Remember it is natural and it can’t hurt you, it will only help you. Remember to always use protection for safe intercourse and shower right away after .

This garlic treatment should give results for a week.

Take care!

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