Only 1 component once per year, and you will be happy with healthy bones and joints a lifetime

You need only about 150 grams gelatin
It sounds incredible, but it is not! If only once a year – and only within a month – using this recipe, you’ll enjoy healthy bones, will recover almost completely and mobility of joints.

Need only accept the gelatin. It is a perfect source of collagen and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, hair condition, relieves joint pain, including chronic anti-inflammatory, improves digestion and aids sleep.
For the entire treatment course you will need about 150 grams( 5.35 oz) of gelatin.

Let me clarify, you need animal gelatin, which you can buy from the pharmacy.


Every night stir one tbsp of Gelatin in a quarter cup of water. Allow to stand until morning. The mixture will thicken slightly. In the morning, add a little hot water and drink on an empty stomach.

Do it for every morning in period of 3-4 weeks. Improvement can expect after the second week. The next year you can repeat the treatment course.

For serious diseases associated with bone-joint system, you can take extra calcium with gelatin cure. Cartilages, joints and bones will be powered and will significantly improve their mobility. This is a great tool for recovery after breaking a bone.

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