Only two Servings a Week Of This Food Will Protect You From Breast Cancer

Did you know, if you eat twice a week from fatty fish you can protect yourself from breast cancer? According to a new chinese study published in the British Medical Journal, the chances of breast cancer can be reduced by 14 percent, if you start to eat salmon at least twice a week.

Due to the fact,Fish gives us the omega-3 fatty acids that are important for brain development and reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system and essential systems of the body.

Scientists have analyzed the data from 26 studies of Asia, the US and Europe in which the included 80,000 participants and more than 20,000 women affected by breast cancer.

breast cancer

The latest study also showed that only 0.1% more power or additional 0.1 grams per day, that comes from omega-3 fatty acids, leading to a five percent lower risk of cancer. In order to achieve this, every woman should eat fish twice a week, such as salmon, sardines or mackerel.

You can also use white fish, such as cod, which is also healthy, but contain less omega-3 fatty acids.

Women in the countries of Asia are the least affected by breast cancer, because of their high consumption of fish.

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