The Dentists Remained Amazed By The Results, That Gives This Homemade Recipe For Dental Tartar

Tartar is a common problem and modern dentistry offers many ways to deal with it. But there is a home method that saves resources and nerves (no one likes to enter into a dental office). Strict oral hygiene is extremely important.

If no follow carefully for the purity of the enamel of the teeth and promptly remove tartar, it can develop the periodontitis. At periodontitis the infection penetrates through the root canal in the tooth, inflamed in the sheath, and surrounding tissues.

Fortunately there is a natural tool for the prevention of this terrible disease.


How can remove a tartar?

Necessary ingredients:

30 gram (1.05 oz.)Walnut shells
1 cup water


Place the shells walnuts in the bowl, add water and cook the mixture for 15 minutes. The mixture is ready. Enough is five minutes to brush your teeth. Repeat this process three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The result you may notice after a few treatments

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