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The Most Amazing Photographs Of Births Ever Seen

Nothing compared to the moment when your little one you have brought into this world. And these photographs “caught” by professional photographers all over the world, will leave you speechless.

Photos are one of the most beautiful moments of birth and photos are mandatory for every mother, father and expectant mothers.

baby 1

Each year the International Association of Professional Photographers of birth (IABP) show the most interesting photos of childbirth as a way to celebrate the beauty of birth.

baby 2

Winner of the first prize for 2016 showed an incredible birth of beautiful boy underwater for the first time coming into this world.

baby 3

Winner in the category of labor, introduced the mother of the contraction whose image creates a feeling as if you crawl chills. Picture says it all – women are truly the most amazing creatures on Earth.

baby 4

The best photo in the category of birth represents the rarest birth we’ve ever seen – baby twins born in the amniotic sac.

Besides, enjoy the rest of photos:

baby 5

baby 66

baby 77



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