Do you have aluminum frames? Then read carefully: these two things craftsmen never will tell you!

Once the beginning of winter, people plastered wooden windows with strips of paper and fill the gaps with silicone foam. With the advent of aluminum and PVC those worries can be forgotten.

Often, however, the joiners look quickly to cope with work and forget to tell two important things of owners of new windows.

First, all moving parts require regular lubrication. Perform the procedure at least once a year, as lubricated usually with machine oil.


Secondly, with the change of seasons windows should turn into summer and winter mode respectively.

Prior to this, with the onset of winter, people wallpaper their wooden windows with strips of paper and plugged the gap with foam. By installing interior plastic window for these worries can be forgotten.

window 2

How to regulate windows

Almost all modern models have the ability to regulate. To make sure that it is possible to regulate in another mode, just check for the presence of special bolts (pins) located on the side of the wing.

windows 3

If they have holes for hexagon or screwdriver type star, and if they have an oval bolt, it certainly has the ability to regulate summer and winter mode. But it is better still to be clarified before installing the windows.

To adjust regime of windows just turn using an appropriate tool all the bolts on the wing to the desired position.

If the system is always set to the winter, this leads to additional load on the rubber seal and it wears out faster. The clamping force of the window is easy to check. Fasten a piece of paper – as it can be easily removed, and the window is in the summer mode.

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