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If You Mix These Two Ingredients, You Will Not Feel Pain In The Next 5 Years

Osteochondrosis is a very serious disease, but is a curable. Sooner or later becomes a problem for any of us.

80% of back pain are caused precisely by this disease. Today, we’ll show you an interesting recipe. You will not feel pain for several years after application. This is a mixture of crude vegetable oil and salt.

10 tablespoons of salt;

20 spoonful of oil (olive or sunflower).

back pain

Mix oil and the salt in a glass bottle and close it, leave in the dark and cool place. You should get a light mix over the next few days.

Massage the painful area with this mixture. Initially, the massage should last about 2-3 minutes. Add another 2-3 minutes every day, until you reach to 20 minutes. After the massage, put a hot towel on the area. Massage may cause mild skin irritation. After completion of the massage, wipe the skin with a dry towel and sprinkle with a baby powder.

The results of the massage with this mixture after 10 days are as follows: promotes blood circulation and improves muscle regeneration of cartilage and osseous tissue. During the process of cleaning of the skin, you can feel a little drowsiness and dizziness, but it should not bother you, because it’s a normal process. Treatment of osteochondrosis does not have any side effects and provides excellent results.

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