Just Add A Little In The Washing Machine Every Time … When You See How It Looks My Laundry, You Will Do The Same

It is amazing how much useful qualities have the most common vinegar! It adds luster of tile, mirrors and windows, cleans valves and pipes of limestone, and in tandem with soda effectively whitens the sink …

But what happens if you add vinegar in the washing machine before you running it? Here are 5 reasons that will convince you to do the same.

5 amazing benefits of vinegar

vinegar 1

1. Vinegar has the ability to soften, which is especially important when laundering clothes of stiff or too thick fabrics.

2. Vinegar is straight a whiz at removing stains. Disappear patches of sweat, grease, soak them in a solution of vinegar in advance, and then add 50 ml compartment of the washing machine.

3. To remove stubborn odors in clothing, for example, the smell of sweat is possible, if in the ward for rinsing add 100 ml vinegar. The lucky owners of fluffy kittens with the help of the vinegar, can neutralize the unpleasant odors, emanating from the clothing after it happened “incident.”

In other means sometimes things remain incurable and helps only the basket for a rubbish!


* If periodically you resort to stores for a second hand clothes, you probably know how hard it is to get rid of peculiar smell of these things .. , vinegar will help here: rinse clothes after washing them with water, in which is dissolved vinegar

* Vinegar will help to get rid of rust stains on clothes. Prepare a paste of vinegar and salt and then rub into the stain. Leave for a few minutes, then wash as usual.

Among other things, the addition of vinegar in the washing machine is useful for its proper functioning, so does not hold mold, and the mechanism remains clean of deposits!

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