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One Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S.

(FDA) US Food and Drug Administration is now very concerned that an estimated a million pounds of rat meat,which is passed off as “boneless chicken wings”, was sold in restaurants and stores across America.

As mentioned in the reports of the FDA inspectors have expressed concern after several illegal container originating from China were seized by customs at the port of San Francisco.

It was found to contain meat of rats that was meant to be delivered to a variety of meat processing plants across America and resale as chicken.

One report indicated that if hundreds of thousands of pounds of illegal meat have been confiscated by the authorities and be destroyed

But the FDA still warns that about 1,000,000 pounds of the counterfeit meat of rats may still be circulating in the territory of America.

Reference: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/rat-meat-sold-as-chicken-wings-fda-issues-warning-before-super-bowl/


  1. I hope to Christ that we can eventually get ALL of our food from China! Sarcasm for the STUPID folks in the world. The average American Joe KNOWS what China does! STOP ALL FOOD FROM CHINA! SIMPLE!!!!

    • Agree! China has NEVER been concerned about us! I can’t believe so many meat companies here now send their meat there for processing. I want NONE of it. No telling what’s in it or even if it’s not switched out for something disgusting. They have control of our destiny


    • When we abolish the minimum wage, and accept that all goods domestically produced will cost quadruple what we pay for their imported counterparts. That said, there is a reason I don’t trust chicken nuggets and boneless wings.

    • Dennis Nayland Smith

      When Walmart shuts down.

  3. Look at your labels, I do not buy canned meat, or any kind of fish unless it is from the USA, and I do not buy Tyson foods stuff, if I can help it? I have a local meat processing place where I buy all my meat

  4. I will not but any canned meat except salmon and it is Alaska salmon or I won’t buy it, canned, I noticed some of it is canned and processed in China—read your labels. I buy my meat from the local owned processing business and it is animals raised on farms in our area

  5. This is what happens when you send your chicken to China for processing. They keep the good meat for themselves and send rat meat back to the “filthy capitalists” in the West. And can you blame them? We live in the land of plenty while they’ve been scrounging for food. Getting the bait-and-switch from them is no less than we deserve for outsourcing OUR FOOD, for God’s sake. What was the Tyson company thinking? Is it time, do you think, for us to start processing our own f***ing food yet?

  6. if they fda was so concerned theyvwoupdnt allow such garbage to be shipped from other countries in the first place where they know people eat such things. sickening and to think they are just now concerned? only seem concerned about anything when it is caught by anyone except them. just like legalizing hemp crops which could heal the earth from all the pollutiion and cannabis which helps with cancer and other illnesses. morons dont know good for people til they are forced to do anything good by the people. if they stop working for big pharma, corps etc..and start working for the good of all people we wouldnt see things like this garbage happening.

  7. All the more reason not to eat meat.

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