Ordinary deodorant roll-on has helped this woman to deal with what bothered her for many years in the hot days!

If you feel rubbing in the inner thigh while walking, then you know how painful and uncomfortable can be … The reason for polished, dermatitis, irritations and fungus on the skin in this area can serve as a special body anatomy and overweight . Also at risk are those who have to walk a lot in hot weather.

Bruises and dark pigmented spots in such intimate places disappear and no longer appear again if you use this way. Great summer is welcome!

rub dedorant

Rubbing between the legs

The main reason for abrasion is perspiration on the skin in this delicate area. To be safe, try using conventional roll one, or deodorant. It is better to select a cosmetic product that includes talc. Apply it on dry skin after a shower in the morning and will be delighted with the effect!

Also pay attention to the clothes,which you wear. Choose natural fabrics, that better absorb moisture and prevent it from hurting the skin, even after prolonged walking.

If dark spots on the legs are still there, and you want to relax on the beach, try the alcoholic solution of calendula with water 1: 1.

Smear the affected skin at night and in the morning they are already noticeably better!

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Remember that any irritation, if left untreated for a long time, requires an examination by a specialist. “For the woman” wishes you good health!

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