Tested: Put a piece of tomato on your face, and after an hour … a fantastic change! It is a sin not to try!

Let me first warn you: Unfortunately this incredible mask is not suitable for people with very sensitive skin and for those who are prone to allergies. Tomatoes are a special product that quickly and effectively affects the skin. But if you do not have such problems, simply is a sin do not try!

tomata mask

Enlarged pores, inflammation, redness, unpleasant scars: tomato is able to correct the many flaws of the skin and to refresh … This is a budget method to quickly improve the appearance.

Tomato mask:

You can use a piece of tomato and tomato purée effect, in both cases it will not take much time. Leave the mask on the face, then wash with warm water and use a simple moisturizing tonic for your skin type.

You can abode with mask for about an hour, but even 15 minutes will be sufficient to see the transformation!

The secret is, that the acidity of tomatoes helps to restore proper pH balance of the skin. Also tomato contains vitamins A, C, E and B6, which improves the complexion, smooth wrinkles, improve circulation.

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