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The number of times you pee indicates how healthy you are

The number of times how often you go to the toilet is very important in determining how hydrated you are.

Dr. Neil Grafstein, is a known assistant professor of neurology at Mount Sinai Hospital in the Nev York, and has to answer to our urine associated questions .

How frequently you should pee?

As noted above,does not exist specific number of times for pee,but average people have a tendency to pee at least four times daily up to seven times daily. If you pee more than seven times, do not panic. There are a number of factors that can influence your urination frequency, including hydration and how you moisturise yourself.


For example, if during the day you were drinking too much water, then it is normal to pee more often. In addition, if you drink alcohol, coffee and other irritants bladder, expect to go in the toilet more. There are also people who are susceptible bladder, which means you they need to pee in the smallest urge. In the meantime, there are those people that can hold their pee until their bladders about to burst.

Can we pee too often?

If you pee 11 times a day or more after drinking two liters of fluid, it could mean that you have problems with pee frequency.

Often, too much pee is because of overactive bladder, which may be contracting more than you need. This results that you feel the need to pee a lot. But Dr. Grafstein says we can practice our bladder. The condition is that we do not have urinary incontinence problems.

Other urine related facts

* Holding your pee is not bad, unless you feel pain.
* Usually holding your urine can increase the risk for bladder infections.
* The normal urine color is see-through yellow.
* Some groceries can change the color of pee. For example: Eating blueberries may change urine in the pink color.
* Asparagus can cause urine to be smelly.
* Pee is 95% water.
* Sweet-smelling urine is a sign of diabetes
* The average stream of urine is about seven seconds.
* Urine stream weakens as we get older.
* You also pee more as you age.

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