This saved me a bunch of money for this winter! Indispensable for every household – now all my friends have it!

With the start of the heating season all using district heating services are faced with the problem of dry air at home.

Some people notice that becomes more difficult to breathe, while others worry for indoor their plants, that require constant moisture.

It is especially difficult for people with children – sick child more than anyone needs a cool and moist air.

bottle 2

In the heating season, if your apartment does not have a humidifier (or you are too expensive to afford it) – try this clever invention. And the saved money better used for other – buy fruit for kids!

Homemade air humidifiers:

You need:
*plastic bottle
*Scotch tape
*cloth tape



1. Cut a hole with dimensions of 5 cm x 10 cm on the side of the bottle.

2. Attach the bottle with the opening top for a horizontal pipe radiator, using a cloth tape.

3. Attach the tape with adhesive tape onto the bottle

4. Fold the gauze of several layers in the form of a rectangle with a width of 10 cm and a length of about one meter.

5. Insert one end of the swab in the hole of the bottle, and the rest wrap around the hot tube. It is better to make two such wick of gauze.

6. Pour water into the bottle (with the help of a small bottle).

The device is successfully installed and ready to use!

bottle 1

Keep an eye on the water level in the bottle to remain constant.
You can adjust the intensity of moisture as raising and lowering the bottle.
Make sure the wick never drops below the water level, otherwise it will drip on the floor.

This humidifier has a number of advantages: does not require physical investments, is easy to prepare and easy to replace in case of failure.

This winter will surely install one, try it and you!

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