This Trick I Learned From Grandpa In The Village: Here’s How To Choose A Sweet And Ripe Watermelon

Watermelon – the most favorite and juicy summer pleasure! But sometimes it’s so hard to choose a really ripe and delicious fruit.

Today we will share with you the secret of how to select the most mature and sweet watermelons! You will never be wondering at the store or on the market!


How to choose a watermelon

By the size

You have to be careful with the huge watermelons. Unfortunately, our climate is not so favorable for the cultivation of fruit gigantic. Thus, there is a high probability that these watermelons are fed with chemical fertilizers.

In the yellow spots

This feature is a sure sign of mature fruit. The more yellow stain has it, the more delicious and sweet the watermelon is that you have selected.

By gender

A few people know it, but melons can be distinguished and by gender. “Males” are larger and more elongated, while “female” – smaller and slightly flattened.

“Female” are definitely more sweet!

By the sound

Ripe fruits are often issued hollow sound, when you knock on them. To check out the maturity watermelon should be compressed from both sides. If the fruit gently “laundered”, then it is ripe and ready to eat.

By the handle

Yellow dry grip is an excellent indicator of maturity. Green, by contrast, shows that watermelon is cut off too early.

A fragrance

The rind of the watermelon should issue specific fresh scent. If you do not smell at all, it means that watermelon probably has not grown naturally.

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