Cut the watermelon, If You See Any Cracks – Throw It Right Out!

Chinese producers of watermelons, without even realizing it, using fertilizers that contain a substance called forchlorfenuron (FHF). It accelerates the growth of watermelon increase in size by an average of 20% (too rapid growth of watermelon causes it to crack inside), which means big profits. At the least, thus says the company producer of fertilizers

The taste and texture of watermelon are also different from usual.
In addition, watermelons are with too many white seeds, instead of the usual black.

watermelon 1

Although, the FHF are considered safe and are used by the early 1980s, Cui Jian, director of the Institute of Vegetable Crops at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China said, that it is better for manufacturers to stay away from substances phytohormonal, because watermelons are extremely sensitive to chemical impurities.

That’s why, it is important to refrain from buying large watermelons!

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