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How To Protect Against Leg Cramps And How To Never Get Leg Cramps Again! ( Video)

Many people around the world suffer from leg cramps that cause sudden and severe pain in the leg muscles. To learn how to prevent this horrible experience continue reading this article.

What causes leg cramps?

There are a number of internal factors that can cause leg cramps.

Sometimes they are due to dehydration or improper diet. In some cases, muscle spasms it is possible to point to a more serious condition, such as kidney infection.
If due to dehydration, in order to prevent it should be drunk hot water. According to experts, drinking hot water is useful, as the temperature is similar to that of blood and absorption in the dehydrated muscle is much more rapid in comparison with the drinking cold water.

Electrolyte supplements are also a great solution for people who often have muscle cramps. They are very useful because they encourage electrolyte balance and hydration and it will stop immediately spasms.

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How to Prevent Leg Cramps

The most important mineral for proper functioning and for the prevention of cramps is magnesium. The recommended dosage per day is 250-300 grams. For more magnesium, in a natural way, you can eat more nuts, spinach, fish, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, lentils.
Besides magnesium, you also will need potassium, as it will also prevent cramps. In order to adjust the liquid level in the body should be taken a combination of potassium and sodium. Therefore, cramps in the legs, due to dehydration are usually caused by potassium deficiency.

Once absorbed into the digestive system, potassium directs fluids to the affected area. It is clear that you should consume foods that are rich in potassium, when you are experiencing leg cramp. Such are for example white beans, spinach, dried apricots, avocados.

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