We Are Eating Poison! Here’s How To Identify GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps!

We all know the importance of vegetables for our health, and of course we all know organic varieties should be the first choice ahead of GMO varieties.

Public awareness has risen recently because more people are exposed to information about natural remedies for living the health living.

With this new knowledge, it is the increased demand for organic fruits and vegetables
Learn how to avoid GMO fruits and vegetables with these easy steps:

Tagging and Coding

GMO fruits and vegetables are marked with four digits, while organic fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes are labeled with a code consisting of five digits.

gmo - nongmo

The initial number of the code

Organics are given a five-digit code that is always starting with the number 9 of genetically modified (GM) fruit and vegetables are given four-digit codes always start with the number 8, you should remember these numbers

More than 80% of all processed foods in the US are genetically modified so that if you want to stay away from GMOs and start living an organic, it is important to know these tips.

Many European countries have banned GMO products;

and here’s the list of some European countries:


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