Better than diet: This is how much you should eat at one diet, to stay thin! You only have to look at the fingers of your hand:

To lose weight and keep your weight, do not necessarily to limit yourself constantly in use of favorite foods. The secret to healthy eating is to eat food in the right quantities.

According to the scientific journal Guard, problem of our health is eating and it-is becoming more lately. Researchers advised to follow the portion sizes consumed products and offer to use this guide to diet

The principle of dietary at the hand fingers

Fold the palm of your hand and you will get the amount, that you need to eat at a time.
The amount of Carbs per day is equal to the front of the fist. This is the amount of pasta products cooked cereal, bread, that you have to eat.
Open a hand without fingers – this is the amount of meat products.
The amount of fruit shows shrunk in the palm fist.
Animal fats like butter can be consumed in an amount equal to the volume of the upper phalanx of the finger.

Using this knowledge, everything is very simple. It is enough to remember how it looks daily ration of food and divide it into three parts – breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Stick to these rules for the nutrition, you should not follow diet, the most important is to develop the habit of eating a smaller portion than you ate before. This is useful not only for maintaining a healthy body, but also to improve the overall condition of the body because it is not necessary to process excess food.

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