Dermatologists are silent about it, because they will lose their jobs: the best destroyer of fungus and bacteria!

Tea tree oil – one of the most effective tools in the fight against nail fungus. This product acts directly on the cause of the disease – dermatophyte fungi.

Before treatment with tea tree oil, it is necessary to make a little test for allergies – apply a small amount of essential oil on the skin of the wrist. If within 12 hours you do not have an allergic reaction, you can use the oil for medicinal purposes.

How to get rid of nail fungus


– water
– essential oil of tea tree
– soap



1. Grate a small amount of soap.
2. Put your legs in hot tub
3. For this purpose hold your feet in hot tub / basin where previously you add grated soap flakes.
4. Apply tea tree oil directly on the affected areas of the nail plate with a cotton swab.

This procedure should be done twice per day, in the morning and evening. The course of treatment should be at least two months. Even after the first treatment you will feel incredible relief.

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