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Every Morning, Drink A Glass Of This Water Which is Great Immunity Booster, Anti-Cancer and Toxins Cleanse

It will help in the fight against obesity.

This cleansing of the body, will help to expel toxins that ruin and it is secure shield against cancer, for a lifetime.

Experts advise regularly cleanse the body from toxins, in order to keep away from a number of diseases, including and treacherous cancer. Much of severe diseases, such as cancer are the result of congestion on our body with toxins that are literally ruining it.

Of course a detrimental effect on our health, have the harmful foods and beverages, the fumes from cars and a number of factors, some of which we can not avoid.

Do not forget the stress, as it, also has a huge impact on our health. In many cases, namely stress leads to cancer.

Many people cleanse the body, in order to remove fat from the abdomen.


Its main role is to save you from harmful slags and toxins accumulated in your body, that cause many diseases. The recipe that will reveal for alkaline water, is a perfect way to cleanse the body.

For a start it would be good to find a two-liter jar, which must be very carefully cleaned. Fill it with water and add a lemon, cut into pieces. If you can not ensure the bio lemon, it is better to remove the bark from it. Add and 1 tsp of Himalayan salt. Close the jar and let it stand overnight (12 hours) at room temperature.

From the obtained alkaline water you should drink 3 tea cups in the morning before breakfast. The method for cleansing the body is administered for one week. Then make a break for a week and repeat again. You can repeat this procedure for a whole year by following the condition of rest.

According to studies, if you drink alkaline water throughout the year will not only cleanse your body, but will protect you from serious diseases such as cancer, and will prolong the life with at least five years. Among other things, will undoubtedly help in the fight against excess weight.

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