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Forget the Gynecologists: This plant solves all problems of women, and it grows all around us!

Lady’s Mantle (lat. Alchemilla vulgaris) contains flavonoids, natural acids, tannins, fitosterini and it’s a real wealth of vitamin C.

With an assortment of tannins have a bitter taste, but also a powerful anti-inflammatoryn and antibacterial effect.

The best remedy for ladies infections and it’s one of the best herbs for this type of problems.

In fact, even the famous Swiss botanist Johann Kintsel claims, that 30% of gynecological surgery can be avoided through the use of tea from Lady’s Mantle.

Perfect for pregnant women

Lady’s Mantle is the best alternative to home treatment for infertility. The herb indicates strong control over the hormone progesterone and strengthens the reproductive system, promotes normal menstruation, which is essential while trying to conceive


The plant also helps successful weight loss and assist in solving problems with polycystic ovaries.

Lady’s Mantle (lat. Alchemilla) can help problems with the uterus and to provide pregnant women who decide to give birth in a natural way healthy uterus. Each lady, on which decide to give birth, should drink from the tea of Alchemilla 8 to 10 days after birth.

Lady’s Mantle helps PMS and menopause

Notwithstanding the above mentioned effects on the women, Lady’s Mantle helps with endometriosis facilitates menstrual problems, control the menstrual cycle and symptoms of menopause.

It is used in heavy monthly cycle because it contains tannins and astringent (tightening) means.

Lady’s Mantle cope with microscopic organisms and infections

The latest study shows, that Alchemilla cope with numerous types of microbes including staphylococci that are stubborn and hard cope with multiple antibiotics. The herb also has anti-viral properties.

The herb definitely improves the condition of the uterus and helps to restore the wounds, unusual remedy for infection, which carries the human papilloma virus (HPV).


A tea from the Alchemilla

One teaspoon of Alchemilla put in boiling water and leave for five to ten minutes. Drink two cups a day.

In inflammatory diseases of the female genitals recommended the following potion:

– 100g of herbs Lady’s Mantle, mallow, elder, sage, add and 50g. of oak. Stir the mixture well and put 3 tablespoons from them in one liter of boiling water. Let the mixture boil for three minutes and then soak for 20 minutes. Then strain and drink two cups per day

The next recipe is also to inflammatory processes in the female genital organs

– Put in a suitable container 50 gr.of Alchemilla, thyme, coltsfoot.
To them add 40 gr. Acorus Calamus and 30 g. of buckthorn, nettle and St. John’s wort. Mix well and take 2 tablespoons of the mixture and put in 600 ml of boiling water.

Cook three minutes and then let the herbs to soak for half an hour. Strain and take six times a day by 80 ml. Drink a quarter of an hour before and half an hour after eating.

The last recipe is used in uterine bleeding, for it you need:

– 100 g of Alchemilla were mixed with 40 g of peppermint. Add 50 grams of the herb horsetail, water pepper and Shepherd’s Purse. Mix the herbs and from them put 2 tablespoons in half a liter of boiling water.

Boil the potion five minutes and then soak for half an hour. Finally, strain and drink 2 or 3 times daily 100 ml – depending on the strength of potion. It is imperative that treatment be done under medical supervision.


Persons who have stomach problems, liver or bladder problems, should drink from the potion in small quantities.

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