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Get rid of breast cysts with these 2 natural remedies

Breast cyst – a benign in women of reproductive age, which is similar to a balloon filled with liquid. The dimensions of the cyst can vary from one mm to a few centimeters.

Doctors have identified a number of causes cysts in the breast: hormonal disorders, trauma or gland surgery, breast cancer, stress. The group includes of the risk the women,which are not given birth to 30 years.

Transition of the cyst to malignancy is unlikely, but the risk of developing breast cancer still increases. Cyst itself is not dangerous, but that does not mean it does not need treatment.

How to cure a cyst

Treatment of cyst can be performed only after accurate diagnosis and advice mammalogy.

Numerous small cysts and the only cure to 15 mm, usually conservative methods for assigning absorbable, anti-inflammatory, hormonal preparations, vitamin supplements. Also in these cases can help and the folk medicine.

breast cysts

A beverage made from 100 ml of aloe juice and 100 ml of carrot juice will contribute to the rapid absorption of cysts.

Mix these 2 ingredients and the liquid is divided into 3 portions. Drink 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Also very well act and cabbage leaves attached to your chest at night. Usually folk remedies complement traditional therapy and give excellent results.

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