I feel five years younger – An Eye Cream Made from 3 Ingredients: It erases wrinkles like with a rubber!

The essential lines and fast developing “crow’s feet” around the eyes can permanently destroy the mood of every woman. The skin is very delicate, fat-free and age more quickly loses its elasticity and disappear.

High quality beauty products for maintaining youthful skin intensely nourish and moisturize, thereby preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

An eye cream that we offer in the preparation is one of those tools. The only difference is that it will cost you much cheaper than in the store.

The cream for wrinkles around the eyes

Important: although all the ingredients in the cream are hypoallergenic, before using do a test for allergic reactions.



1 tbsp of coconut oil
2 ampoules Vitamin E
2 drops of essential oil of thyme


Put the coconut oil in a bowl, then add vitamin E and essential oils of thyme and mix them well.

Transfer the cream in a suitable container or jar. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Apply the cream with the massage movements around the eye area two hours before bedtime. The excess dry with a tissue.

This cream is a life-giving elixir for the thin skin of the eyelids. This cream will serve perfectly for makeup remover, cleaning and what’s most important, it will help you look 5 years younger

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