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I have tried all kinds of diets – in vain, the fats were returning double. Until I found this – 4 kg per week – The Kim Protasov’s Diet!

The diet by Kim Protasov’s or “Protasovka” as with love called her army of fans – is a real salvation for all who are desperate and can not lose weight. This eating plan is absolutely harmless to the body and even helpful: in a few weeks of eating foods, rich in fiber, regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improves skin condition, disappeared craving for sweets of any kind!

The diet has gained popularity in 1999: an immigrant published an article in the Israeli newspaper, signed with bright alias “Kim Protasov.” This diet has proved very effective and lit a thousands of women. If you dream to improve your figure and your health, try this unusual diet, you will be pleased!

A diet of Kim Protasov

The best time for this diet is summer and, of course, the rich harvest of autumn, when fresh vegetables are plentiful. All rations were calculated on the use of plant food with small additions of fermented dairy products and proteins. Which is best – the size of the portions is not limited! If you do not feel satiety, you can take some authorized products, diet will not lose its effectiveness!



1. You can eat raw vegetables in unlimited quantities. Vegetables should be non-starchy, leafy vegetables The green, cabbage, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, cucumbers, tomatoes. Possible minimum steaming.

2. You should also eat dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese. Their fat should not exceed 5%.
Into two parts vegetables are place a part dairy products.

* During the day you can eat three green apples and 1 egg.
It is important to drink plenty of fluids during your diet: water, unsweetened teas and coffee. After the first week, come into force some changes in the menu!


The second week of the diet Protasov

1. The menu is the same as during the first week of the diet, with one amendment. You can eat 300 grams of lean fish or lean meat during the day. 300 grams is the weight of the product in raw form.
2. With the introduction of meat quantity of dairy products are recommended to be reduced by about a third.
3. 3 apples and 1 egg remain in the menu.

The third, fourth and fifth weeks of the diet have the same plan as that of the second. Changes in weight will notice in the third week. It is advisable to combine diet with exercise: in this case, will increase muscle mass, which is essential for a good metabolism.


Very important is the right way to stop the diet! If you avoid the turmoil and everything is done properly, the effect will persist for a long time and will not again gain extra weight. First you need to add to the food mash of water base during breakfast, and then – to increase the fat content in dairy products and start to tamper with salads with a small amount of vegetable oil.


On the next stage replace dairy products with meat or fish. It should return for two apples with other fruits – everything except bananas and grapes. The diet provides long-lasting results if you constantly stick to the plan!


This diet helps to cleanse the body of toxins and it enhances and strengthens, stabilizes blood sugar levels. In addition, as a result you become the owner of a great figure, which will envy you!

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