Press the forefinger and hold for 60 seconds, After that you will never go to the doctor

Every time when we have a pains, firstly we go to the doctor or take the medicaments. However, after this text you will be sure, that it is not necessary to take drugs and thus to poison your body, nor to wait in waiting rooms in hospitals.

The thumb
The thumb is associated to the heart and lungs. When you have a rapid heartbeat, rub the thumb and pull it. As a result, will slow down the heart rate.


The index finger
The index finger is connected to the the colon and stomach. If you have often constipation or stomach pain? Press the index finger, rub it in duration of 60 seconds, then pull it. For a short time you will notice improvement


The middle finger
The middle finger is connected to the the heart, small bowel, blood and respiratory system. Stretch out your finger and rub it while traveling you feel nausea, dizziness or insomnia.


The ring finger
This finger has a powerful influence on your moods, so if you think you fall into depression, rub your finger and you will quickly feel a sense of calm and relaxation.


The little finger
The little finger is associated with the kidneys, even with the pain in the neck muscles. Massage your little finger, and soon you will feel a great relief!


The palms are associated with the nervous system, so if you wish to protect your mental health, then we strongly recommend clapping your hands.

You need to try this method!

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