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She drank carrot juice every day for eight months: You will not believe what happened!

Anne Cameron is the author of many books for children, but in this story, she is a key hero.

After the diagnosis of colon cancer, she becomes more and more popular.

In June 2012, when the cancer is in the third phase she was operated. This is not her first encounter with the terrible disease.

In 2005, her husband died of lung cancer, even after he went to chemotherapy.

Anne refuses to be treated in the same way, as her husband and does not go to the chemotherapy.

Her story is written in blog, where various people give alternative steps for healing from cancer.

“I was subjected to surgery for colon cancer in June 2012, and then denied treatment with chemotherapy. I felt good, but after six months the cancer spread to the lungs and enter the fourth phase” – she said .

Ann says, that spends her time researching and found through the story of Ralph Cor, who was 26 years old and had a skin cancer. He shared his story about his treatment with the cancer, that was with 2.5 kg of carrot juice of juice daily.


She began to drink carrot juice every day with the same daily dose.

After eight weeks, she argues that medical studies show that cancer has stopped spreading, tumors and lymph glands begin to decline.

After four months of tissues were back to their regular cycle and the tumor has begun to decline.

After eight months tomographic study showed that the cancer had disappeared.
Clearly, carrot juice has natural anticancer properties and carotene from the carrots prevent the spread of tumor cells.

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