This recipe for hair growth leaves all doctors with open mouth! Try it and you

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair, that looks alive and well. There are many treatments that offer rapid growth of hair and nourish, but they are expensive and often ineffective.

This article will show you an insider recipe, that will stimulate hair growth and improve its quality.

The recipe for growth:

This home remedy for hair will delight you! We usually lose 50-100 hairs per day, although it is not visible with the naked eye.


half a banana

one yolk

One tablespoon of organic honey

Half a glass of beer


Method of preparation:

Put all ingredients in the blender and stirred until you get a smooth texture, which can be easily applied with hands.


Apply to places where you have bald spots and leave to act for several hours. You should feel the heat in the area. This means that the drug penetrates into the dermis and working properly. After several hours, wash the hair as usual.

To get the best results, you must take at least once a week.

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